Caricature of Mark Rosen: Version one -
the one that didn't work so good:-)

Briefly, what worked / didn't work in this picture

Plain and simple, this picture just doesn't look like Mr. Rosen to me. At all. The eyes are spaced a little too far, though I like the strong reflections in the eye and the dark contrast they display. The forehead shape is pretty good but the hair might be a little too long - making him appear younger than he is. Still I like the loose overall feel of the picture though - even though it looks like no one in particular :-). The mouth is just too symmetric - and too big to give the nose the dominance it needs. If I had finished with a long tapering neck, this may have worked better but I bailed on it before that. (I felt like I needed a better overall feel for the main shapes of the head and the more dominant features within it.) Below the sketch is the original photo.

First rough sketch



Minneapolis Media man Mark Rosen: 
Sports caster extraordinaire

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