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You Can always check out the Caricature lessons in the mean time. This has to be - albeit arguably - probably the largest one stop reference on drawing caricatures on the web if not anywhere. The majority of the book builds on the premise you have no drawing experience at all.

Starts with the "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" (DRSB) techniques [the author is a certified DRSB instructor] and takes off from there. Sometimes the book just plain seems too huge but the explanations are top notch.

I'd recommend starting in the "E-zine Archives" if you do purchase it. That's the best place to find the "Flash" animated lessons. It's obvious the guy has poured himself into this thing. Can't beat the price (it is very reasonable).

I can't say anything too bad about it since they do sponsor a good chunk of this site. Check it out: they offer a 12 month no-questions asked guarantee. Hard to go wrong for the price.