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Fall 2007 - Quickie today. What's a great way to get your exaggeration hat
on? The best way is to go look at others great work - the web allows for more
ready access to other people's art than anything we've ever seen before.

Summer 2007 - learn a technique for enlarging even the smallest picture -
you'll blow it up with only a pencil and a ruler (or a yardstick), to ANY size
you want, like to the size of the Brooklyn Bridge if you like :-).

May 2007: Caricaturing a wayward, opinionated, (there's an
understatement), possibly even redneck (could it be possible? -
could I possibly be being sarcastic?) cowboy

April 2007: How do you caricature Former U.S. Attorney General
Ramsey Clark? And who the heck is the "Burgermeister Meisterburger"?
See the April, 2007 newsletter :-)

March 2007: Today I just want to show you two different (and amazing) caricaturists.
One is New York City's Elgin Bolling - a YouCanDraw alumnus / member for many years
and a "Party Entertainer", street-hip type caricaturist. The other is Chicago studio
caricaturist Jason Seiler. Both can do both but both seem to have settled into one
camp more than the other.

January 2007 We're in a deep freeze in the midwest. Everything moves s l o w when it's like
this. Me included. But, I've got the January zine done, though a little after the fact. Like I said,
better late than never :-) In todays zine you'll see the drawing of Senator Norm Coleman.
But more than that it's an exercise in observation. Frankly, you can't ever get enough
practice at that.

December 2006 Challenge yourself with timed drawing sessions: draw
as many Prime Ministers as you can in 20 minutes. This'll set you up to
plow through your hesitancy - battling the clock rather than yourself
can lead to real leaps in your drawing and production.

October / November 2006 You'll revisit the concept of contour drawing
here and you'll be introduced to the comedy improvisation concept of
heightening. What the heck is heightening? Click on the link above
and find out :-)

August / September 2006 In this issue we review the awesome
freshness of pure and modified contour drawing - and do a rapid
fire caricature of the Japanese Prime Minister

June / July 2006: Ever rehearsing, reviewing, and putting to use the
observational skills that let you caricature the human face - using pro
basketball star Dirk Nowitski as our willing subject

May 2006: Carciature Artists! The beginnings of a directory of the worlds
greatest caricature artists - to get you fired up about your own art

March / April, 2006 Political Caricature: A step-by-step
photo-intensive drawing "how to" of Senator Harry Reid

February 2006: Political Caricature: UN Ambassador John Bolton
-- In this isue: the "Tombo Pen", a photo-heavy lesson in caricaturing
Mr. Bolton;
you'll see three different versions, each getting progressively
more exaggerated. Dive on in :-)

January 2006: Drawing Karl Rove's nose -- Focus: among other things, taking a close look at the shadows and highlights of Sir Karl's nose

December 2005: Drawing Karl Rove's eyes -- in particular, reviewing the fundamentals of drawing and using your discoveries as fodder for either exaggeration or realistic portraits

November 2005: Drawing Karl Rove

October, 2005 In this months newsletter -- Drawing Tom Delay

August, 2005 -- What Makes Conan O'brien Caricaturable?

July 2005 - Get excited! See how the advent of computers can invigorate your caricature career - from
drawing computer aided caricatures drawn live at a gig to building 3-d feature length animated movies populated with your kooky and hilarious inventions. 

June 2005: Drawing Lesson Quick Reference Guide

May 2005: Doing serial drawings to arrive at a likeness

April 1st, 2005 - Revisiting shadow and highlight shapes

March 1st, 2005 - What makes Russin President Vladimir Putin caricaturable

February 1st, 2005 - Applying the basics

January 1st, 2005 - What makes Elvis Presley caricaturable?


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