What Makes Elvis Presley Caricaturable? The Answer Is In The Details...a chinnier version yet...


This version of Elvis, well, stops looking much like Elvis to me but I sure had a blast pushing the hair, the lips and the chin to ever more ridiculous proportions. What I really like about this picture though is the shadowing above the right eye (that's the eye on the left side of the drawing). To me it just jumps right off the page. The other thing I like is the lines in the cross hatching: they're just smoother than they are in the other pictures. How to do that? Just kind of flick your hand as you draw each hatch. As the pencil leaves the paper your hand is still in motion leaving a straighter, fading line. It makes for a very nice graded appearance. 

Again the ear and the hair are pretty unfinished. I invite you to paint in black hair (in Photoshop or with the draw program that comes packaged with Windows - just make sure you leave in lots of white highlights).

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