What Makes Elvis Presley Caricaturable? The Answer Is In The Details...

In this Elvis version, I just went a little more crazy with the dimensions - going to further extremes with the hair and the chin and pretty much leaving everything else the same. Notice how with just a few well placed lines the hair takes on real volume? And there's nothing special about those lines in the hair: they're really a sort of pure contour of the actual lines in the hair. Remember Pure Contour right? Remember how fun that was? (and I'm not being sarcastic). Jump into that exact same frame of mind and you'll draw lines that look just like this. The looseness you generate and capture in your lines when you "just draw" and forget about doing it "right" appears on it's own. And that will come with practice, or with truly getting your thinking-head out of the way, again just the way you did it in the Pure Contour exercise on the first or second tries. That's gospel  :-)

Also note the direction, density and line weight of the cross hatching. When I cross-hatch, I'm not trying to do anything more than fill a shape I envision that shadow to be. Where the shadow is darker, it gets more layers. The direction of the lines mimics the contour of the primitive shape. What the heck does that mean? For instance, the cheek on the left side of the drawing: if you pretended you saw it as a cube )the primitive shape) rolled a little on it's side, the contours would parallel the edges of the cube, right? Well then you just draw in those parallel lines. That's it. :-)

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