What Makes Elvis Presley Caricaturable?
The Answer Is In The Details
...a George Clooney-like version...

In this version of Elvis, I couldn't help but realize the George Clooney resemblance. What cues me to that? Well, I'm not a regular watcher of ER but this guy is all over the place so you can't help but notice he has the same low lying / half mast upper eyelids and possibly even shadow (as in mascara) over his upper lids and on the brow bone. 

Notice also here the alternating shadow and highlight on, over, around and under the nose. What kind of pattern can you recognize? How does that effect the 3-d believability of the picture?

The hair was given a little more effort in this one and you can tell the overall flow of the hair suggests a shape. Also notice the subtle shadow  under the couple of hairs that dangle down across the forehead.

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