What makes any face caricaturable?
How about Elvis Presley?
Here's a really bratty version...

At first I really disliked this version - at least how it started, but I've trained myself to keep barging on and not get overly judgmental when I'm off to a bad start. And what happened? I like this one the best! :-) This turned into the bratty, angry, spoiled-rotten looking version (not what the real Elvis was like at all). I liked it enough to finish the hair somewhat and there's something in the mouth and teeth that really jumps out. I think it's the contrast of shadow, highlight and white teeth placed pretty close to the shadow under the nose. 

Look close into the hair: see the unruly, even sloppy lines underneath the hatching? To me they just add depth, character, and texture to the hair. (Though really neat, tight hatching can look even better over a tattered under "painting"). 

I started roughing in a body on this one too but just plain ran out of time. Go see the John Kascht Elvis (link is on the main January First 2005 e-zine page) to see a really fun working of Elvis' body. 


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