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Caricature and Drawing Newsletter for May, 2006
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May, 2006

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Your May 2006, Communiqué


Howdy all,

this is by no means an exhaustive page of artists but just an armload of some really accomplished artists. If you're at a loss about how to get yourself re-excited about caricature, just start milling over the different artists pages and drawings. You're bound to land on something that gets you fired up again! (And most of these artists have links to other artists they admire, so the offerings just keep multiplying.)

Also, Googling "images" with words like 'caricature', 'caricatures artist', 'cartoon art', 'political cartoons', 'political caricaturists' etc. will get you fantastic results. It truly is mind blowing. (I just finished making sure all the links work and I have to tell you - I just get so fired up seeing all the awesome art. And pay attention to the web presentations at these sites too. Amazing.) Enjoy!

If you have an artist address you want to see added here, please send it! jeffkaz@YouCanDraw




The Creme de la creme:

One of my personal favorites - if not one of the best caricaturists on the planet, he's a pencil wizard who excels in combining cross hatch and finger smearing: Jan Op De Beeck:


The great German artist Sebastian Kruger. An acrylic painter extraordinaire and ribald exaggerator:


The master of minimalism the late great NYC Broadway based Al Hirschfeld:

[The gallery here is set up decade by decade (mouse over the illustration at the top of the page) -
or alphabetially at the bottom. Lots of drawngs! ]


And speaking of a NYC based production machine, one of my personal favorites,
David Levine. His forte is ink and cross hatch (and I guess he's a pretty dang decent watercolorist too):


The political art (and paintings) of Steve Brodner:


American artist Ed Steckley (you might have seen his stuff in Cracked Magazine):


Studio 69 - a great pencil driven Thai caricature site with a huge library of, well caricatures. The artist here is mainly a connoisseur of pencil and finger smearnig. His fearlessness shows:


Ismael Roldan:


German caricaturist Paddy Boehm - check out his celebrity page:


Hollywood artist of the stars Drew Struzan. He does a lot of mock-up drawings with colored pencil on colored paper before he does the final paintings:


Italian Achille Suberbi:


Phillip Burke (did a great deal of political art work for Rolling Stone Magazine). Mr Burke prefers to work in acrylic paint and the majority of his wildly exaggerated paintings are like 6 feet tall.Yes, six FEET:


Mad Magazine genius Mort Drucker. Mr/ Drucker likes the big hand, beg feet school of caricature art. He's best known for his ink drawnigs since he did like a zillion and all had to be scannable for magazine print. At thsi site you can see more of his full color work too:


Caricaturist blog

And to stay in touch with almost 400 caricature artists: The Loop caricatureist blog. It's also so loaded with drawings and variety of styles and diffeernt takes on the same person -- you can learn a lot here:


More Artists

Minnesotan Tom Richmond (draws for Mad Magazine) and is a chip right
off the Mort Drucker block:


The young American phenom Joe Bluhm:


Spanish Artist Gogue:


Omar Figueroa Turcios - surreal caricaturist:


Very colorful artist Andrew Vanderkarr: slightly cartoonified but highly detailed and recognizable works of art:


A ton of awesome miscellaneous artists:

Mr. Red Rhino:


IndiaArt - Anwar the Artist:


Jean Mulatier:


Don Pinsent:


More Miscellaneous...

And it seems like Cariucatures, animations and comedy all seem to go hand in hand, check out
this link at "The Clayman" - he covers all three (this is a "jump off" page). Really gets my imagination clicking: