Caricature of Mark Rosen: Version three - filling in the rough outline: Mark Rosen or Randy Quaid?

I know we're getting in the ball park now: therough in version two is paying off. But the fascinating thing about faces iswith just little tweaks, how much we can all resemble other people. I say thatbecause by making the teeth more jagged and by shrinking the chin a little Mr.Mark Rosen starts to look like actor Randy Quaid. (Open a second window and do aGoogle image search for Randy Quaid - you'll be surprised :-). SinceRandy is almost always tossed inside some Oshkosh overalls in his roles, thesuit and tie is about the only thing that looks out of place in thispicture. 

Randy Quaid or Mark Rosen? Only hishairdresser knows for sure

That being said, how to make this look more like Mr. Rosen? Eyes, hair, and mouth pop into my head without actually being able to say why. I think Mark's eyes could be made  just a little squintier, and the teeth a tad more sophisticated -- i.e. less jagged, more even. Mark and Randy have very similar hair patterns. In fact if you look up Mr. Quaid on line you'd quickly see these two could possibly pass fro brothers or positively for cousins.

One last comment about these pictures: I was a little undecided about what to do about the ears. They slip in between the cheeks and the hair almost invisibly. I'd say experiment with big and small though in the end I think making them pretty much inconsequentially small would work just fine. Giving big old Dumbo ears is always an easy comic ploy and could work, but in a realistic caricature (no that's not an oxymoron), I'd run with the small ones that detract the least from the outlined we gleaned earlier. 


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